Hotels near Ciampino airport

Adriatic Room I. At 0.5 km.
Albergo Anna 1 *. At 0.5 km.
Central Station Inn. Within 0.4 km.
Hotel Laura 2 *. At 0.5 km.
Hotel Louis I 2 *. In 0.6 km.
Hotel Palacavicchi 3 *. In 1,8 km.
By the beginning of 2007, the airport’s functions were expanded due to the growing number of flights of low-cost companies (Ryanair, Easyjet, Blue Air, etc.).

At the airport there is only one arrival-departure terminal. The departure zone is the main hall, which includes 31 check-in desks and 16 exits (before the plane or on foot, or takes the bus). The arrival zone has its own entrance and four luggage delivery belts.

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